Degenerative Neurological Disease Diagnosis Assistant Software


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Neurophet AQUA is an artificial intelligence-based degenerative brain disease diagnosis assistant software that helps clinicians to quickly and accurately diagnose brain MRI data through high-speed quantitative analysis. Experience AQUA’s high efficiency in reduced inspection time to five minutes and customizable brain health report.

Degenerative Neurological Disease Diagnosis Assistant Software

Brain Health Report for Individuals

Neurophet AQUA visualizes your brain MR images intuitively and provide comprehensive analysis results on each segments of brain that can help to identify certain type of brain disease and related symptoms.


Also, Neurophet AQUA takes individual’s age and gender information into account and provides comprehensible brain health information. The individual can track his/her brain information in percentile which indicates the individual’s brain health in relevance to the overall population.


The healthcare providers can directly select the layout configuration of the report provided to the individual that may contain various analysis results such as brain atrophy analysis, brain asymmetry analysis, and brain atrophy progression analysis.

Customize Configuration of Each Report

The volume and cortical thickness of brain areas related to Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia are measured, and the white matter hyperintensity (WMH) is calculated into a score to consider the degree of white matter degeneration. Then the quantitative analysis result is provided as an automatic detecting function to help clinicians diagnosis efficiency and accuracy.

Automatically Detect Possible Abnormality

It is possible to trace the progress of each individuals’ brain degeneration by analyzing compiled brain health record.

Trace Individual’s Brain Health Record

We build a server in the form of an on-premise that is installed directly in the user organization. Internally manages the data of the subject of analysis and the user organization, and prevents external access. You can secure the security of important data such as personal information.

Enhance Digital Security with On-Premise Server

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Interpret Images within 5 Minutes


With Neurophet’s powerful deep learning technology ‘NEUROPHET SegEngine’, neurofolio can segment 97 areas of the entire brain, quantify each brain area’s structural information, and analyze structural information that are relevant to the Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia. This would reduce the clinician’s interpretation time to less than 5 minutes and ultimately increase the interpretation efficiency.


Degenerative Brain Disease Diagnosis Guide

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